Light. Fast.

Due to optimal blades curve and very fast responsiveness the energy of a stroke is transferred to the fin extremely fast, creating a strong accelerated thrust of water towards the tip of the fin. This is especially beneficial in ascent from depths when saving energy is of crucial importance.

The bottom part of the fin is sharkskin. This means you get optimal flow of water on this bottom part of the fin and at the same time the movement on the surface is silent. With matt surface you do not scare fishes underwater.  

All this can be achieved with best autoclave production technology and waterjet cutting technology.

Every blade is inspected with microscope, so we can provide you almost bubble free and only superior fins. 


We are producing wide range of fins for freediving, spearfishing and normal swimming:

- Frogs are shorter  version (580 mm) and are design specially for spearfishing in low water, swimming and snorkeling. 

- Basics are suitable for beginners. With them you can easily swim around and it does not require any specal swimming techniques.

- Irons are longer version (750 mm) of blades which are extremly suitable for spearfishing and also for deep sea freediving. 

- Titans are upgrade from Irons. Recently we have developed new material which gives us 30% better enhanced carbon fiber. Blades are now even thinner. This means we can achieve greater efficiency, because spearfisher or diver consumes less energy. 

- World Cup Gold Edition are primarily made for freediving competitions. We have put all knowledge in this masterpiece. With our experienced developers and with accordance to freediving competitors we have developed the best competition blades available in the market. With this blades you need special swimming and diving technique, because blades have specific bending manner. They are developed to achieve new personal and world record.

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