Double vacuum technology is an advanced complex production, where carbon fibre and resin does not form or create micro bubbles. 

Micro bubbles in resin are very important, because they can cause cracks on blades and with time and usage blades can break. On the other hand, if there is too much resin, blade will not be as flexible as it should.


Thanks to our innovative team, we have created state of art technology, which allows us to process resin in best way possible to prevent creating those micro bubbles.  


Carbon fiber in our blades is better squeezed together, than the other blades and fins, which are available in the market. In the process of producing blades, we have double vacuum, high pressure and high temperature.

We can achieve this with minimal resin required and this allows us to create almost bubble free blades. 

Another important factor is blade thickness. The thinner the blade is, more energy the swimmer can get from fins, because blade is much more responsive. You can bend our blades as shown in the photo. 

Special core technology in our blades allows us greater torsional stability of the fin. This means blades can work together more evenly. The water drainage makes less swirling of water behind the fins.

All this could not be achieved without special carbon fibre and resin, which is produced just for us and you can not buy it on the market. We connected with carbon fibre factory and with their technologist. With cooperation we invented new process of making new advanced carbon fibre which suits our needs.  

This is also a new milestone in developing carbon fibre products. We have been developing this unique technology and machines for the past 15 years.