Our journey into breath-hold spearfishing has begun in year 1998. At that time only plastic fins were accessible. We had the feeling, that someting is missing, that they are not good enough. We became eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining something that is different and much better. We were searching for appropriate material, superior than plastic. We found the best solution in carbon fibres. This is how the engineering of invention began. 

We created the first carbon fins in 2003.

Through all these years we were constantly improving our carbon fins in cooperation with world class free divers, spearfishermans and other various people from scientist to ordinary divers. We were even producing blades for other world known brands under name ProteusCarbon. With them we achieved great success together and a lot of world and national records.

Now we have decided to step away and to offer the blades under our own brand.

We call them ProteusCarbon fins.