We will create any Premium Personalised gift from genuine Carbon Fibre, just for you. You can select anything you want. For example:


- You can request your personalised Bowtie

- You can choose Coasters for cold beer

- You can select Pet ID tag collar or

- Any other simple Design by your choice or 

- You can select just the Initials or short name of your girlfriend -> we recommend fonts from photo


- Suitable for ages above 5 years 

- Perfect gifts for Birthday, New Car or Home, Anniversary, Christmas etc.


Our personalised Carbon fibre gifts are the most premium available to purchase online. 


We offer a variety of designs for all age groups so nobody is excluded. 


You will receive gift in Special Gift Box. Save a love message, a poem, some nice thoughts, some favorite pictures, video or music and make this gift unforgettable. It is a Perfect gift for beloved.


Gift will be made from four layers of 160 g Carbon Fiber in combination with outer two layers of 245 g Carbon Fiber. A total of 6 layers of carbon fiber is used to give it the 1.5 mm thickness. In an exclusive process we use special technique, which gives the gift a premium matte finish on one side and glossy on other, which are extremely durable.


In case you want your own Simple Designed Gift, send us Black & White photo of your wish.


Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


Premium Personalised genuine Carbon Fibre Gift