World Cup gold Edition blades are primarily made for freediving competitions. We have put all knowledge in this masterpiece. With our experienced developers and with accordance to freediving competitors we have developed the best competition blades available in the market. With this blades you need special swimming and diving technique, because blades have specific bending manner. They are developed to achieve new personal and world record. 


Blades must be glued into the foot pockets. We recommend our glue, which is designed specially for us.  


made in EU

World Cup Gold Edition

    • Made from 100% high-quality carbon fibers from European manufacturer
    • Due to custom made carbon fibres, our blades are one of the most flexible and one of the fastest on the market
    • Handmade and with autoclave
    • The shape is precisely cut by using Waterjet Flow
    • Proteuscarbon blades are leading in technologically 
    • Blades are not varnished and don't have extra foil or coat on it
    • Top side surface is smooth and gloss
    • Bottom side is sharkskin for high hydrodynamic performance and with matt surface 



    Length: 750 mm

    Width: 185 - 190 mm

    Hardness: soft

    Angle: 22°

    Weight: /


    You must use blades / fins reasonable:

    • use fins only for swimming and diving
    • after swimming / diving always wash fins with fresh water
    • before each proper use, check both foot pockets and blades, that are well glued together
    • before and after proper use, check if the blades have any visual damage
    • do not wash or clean fins with any kind of cleaners
    • do not walk with fins
    • do not jump into the water with fins on feets
    • do not drive the boat with fins on